Studying for Pharmacology

I’ve received SO many questions about how I study for pharm (even before I registered for the course!). I’m going to try and break it as down as best as I can.

The first thing I did with the drugs was to categorize them based on their class – antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral, and so on. It separates what the drug’s method of action is (antibiotics kill bacteria, e.g.). This is considered my main category. From there, I broke it down into the various drugs that I needed to know. It is SO IMPORTANT to pay attention to the PREFIX/ROOT/SUFFIX of the medication because this is what will help you distinguish what the drug is and how it’ll work.

In the picture, I have my main category of “Antibiotics”. After that, I have the different kind of antibiotics >> peniCILLIN, SULFonamids, and so forth. Under each subcategory, I wrote my notes. However, some of the antibiotics have the adverse reactions. This is where I had to find something unique about the drug. For example, the CEPH/CEFalosprins should not be given to individuals who have an allergic reaction to the peniCILLINs. (This one was easy for me to remember, because I have an allergy to peniCILLIN and was given CEPHalexin as a substitute – I was fine, though!) Basically, you want to find something that makes that specific drug UNIQUE!.

As far as study materials go, I found it best to make a flowchart because that’s how my brain works with this content. I looked at the content as if were a spider web and branched out into different topics. Another method would be to create flashcards (which there is a link to a template on here!)

It’s definitely not an easy class, but I hope that this method may help you succeed!

NOTE: the picture I have below is a flowchart I made on Microsoft Word using text boxes. I do not have a template available. 


Creating assignment checklists

So your professor just handed you the course schedule. If you’re like me then you’re probably excited to read everything over and put it into your planner. However, if you’ve looked at it and feel completely overwhelmed, look no further!

This is just a basic template, but feel free to play around with fonts, colors, and adding more boxes.

Several buttons I use:

  • Screenshot 2017-04-29 23.17.08Merge & Center: this button is very helpful if you add more rows to add assignmentsScreenshot 2017-04-29 23.17.29
  • Insert: be sure to highlight the box where you want the new row to go. This will add a row ABOVE the row you want it.
  • Page Break: when you print the sheet and find that part of your sheet is cut off, follow these steps.
    • click on the row where you want the new page to start
    • click “Page Layout” –> “Breaks” –> “Insert Page Break”Screenshot 2017-04-29 23.24.21



I’m attaching two forms of this document/printable:

Assignment Checklist – 8 week

Assignment Checklist – 16 week


Happy planning & scheduling!


Welcome to my first official blog post!

I created this form a blog to go a little bit more in-depth with some of the posts that I make. I’m going to try and post on a regular basis, but we’ll see how it goes!

Another reason why I’m creating this is to share some of the documents that I feature on my Instagram page! I had an Etsy shop at one point and had a link up in my bio to Google Drive with all the documents. There should be a little box in the bottom right hand of the screen (or somewhere on the screen – depending on which device you’re using) that says SEARCH. Just type in “printable” and it should come up! You can also use the CATEGORIES feature on the right side of any page! I’ll try my best to categorize them! (If it doesn’t, just let me know! I’m trying this out for the first time (EVER) and want to make sure everything goes smoothly!)

Also, as of right now the only communication method that I’m sticking to is over Instagram with the DM (direct message). I have lot on my plate with studying, my life outside of school, and maintaining current e-mails that I won’t be able to keep up with another e-mail address for blogging. Thank you for understanding!

Again, welcome to the latest blog!

Much love,


Previously on Etsy and Google Drive…

Please tell me you read that over as if you were a TV announcer introducing an episode that was aired already.

Anyways, I had an Etsy shop open at one point and then I switched to Google Drive. It was easier to have the link posted in my bio, but after a few other links came up I took it down. Many people have asked for it since, so it just makes sense to bring it back but on the blog!

Definition Sheets – Etsy

timetable – etsy

Blank Notecard template: this is one varies on your printer. If your printer can’t print 3 x 5 index cards then it won’t work. Also, make sure that the document is formatted to print 3 x 5 papers! You can do this by clicking on Format –> Document –> Page Setup (at the bottom of the popup box) –> under the drop down menu, click paper size, manage custom sizes. The width is 3 in; length is 5 in. 

Let me know if you have any questions about the printables!